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Chris and Kohutiak

Christopher Holshek and Bohdan Kohutiak

17 November 2010.  Bohdan Kohutiak, Director of the U.S. Army War College Library in Carlisle, PA, gratefully accepted a complete set of Cornwallis proceedings in book form from Christopher Holshek, Cornwallis Group Executive Director.  Mr. Kohutiak noted that in addition to the hard-copy proceedings, the electronic versions available on the Cornwallis Group website, which the Library will also refer to in its online catalogue, will go far to help students from the Army War College and other Senior Service Colleges networked to Carlisle to gain access to the Group's extensive work on peace operations.  In addition, the resident Peacekeeping and Stability Operations Institute and Strategic Studies Institute will also have access to the collection for research purposes.

Founded in 1996, the Cornwallis Group is an association of operations and strategic analysts. The group is dedicated to discussion and publication to enhance the response to challenging issues of securing peace in a dynamic and volatile world. Its membership represents national military agencies, other governmental departments, international inter-governmental and non-governmental organizations worldwide.

The group is open to all who would like to contribute to its deliberations. Participants from all nations and walks of life are welcome to learn more about the extensive library of published workshop proceedings – which can be ordered online, as well as membership, fellowships, and scholarships.

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